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Editing, Writing, Content Development, Research, Quality Assurance

To promote humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all and protect rights of forcibly displaced people.

Yermi Brenner has gained significant experience in the field of migration. He has personally experienced migration several times (read his personal essay about settling in the city his grandparents fled) and is currently living in the hometown of his wife, more than 2,000 kilometers away from his place of birth.

Professionally, working as a writer and researcher (2018-2019), Yermi supported the establishment of the Mixed Migration Centre (a think tank of the Danish Refugee Council) by writing data-driven articles about migration trends. In this role, Yermi conducted interviews with migration experts and stakeholders, collected and consolidated data from various databases on migration and asylum, and wrote briefs about migration research. Two essays Yermi co-wrote were published in the 2018 Mixed Migration Annual Review.

As a journalist based in Berlin (2014-2018), Yermi reported extensively about migration and asylum issues in Europe. He reported and wrote feature articles and investigative reports covering the arrival and integration of refugees in Europe for Al Jazeera EnglishMiddle East Eye and other international publications. In 2015, Yermi won a journalism prize for a report on movement of asylum seekers from Italy to Germany.

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